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World of Warcraft bot company ordered to pay Blizzard $7 million

Ceiling Fan Software closes operations; seeks donations

A company specialising in World of Warcraft bots has been ordered to pay $7 million to Blizzard.

Blizzard Entertainment filed a suit against the company in 2011. Now, a Californian court has ruled that Ceiling Fan Software pay $7 million to Blizzard and cease operations.


In a statement posted to its official website, Ceiling Fan Software co-founder Josh Becker reached out to fans for PayPal donations to help with legal costs.

"After more than two years of legal battles with Blizzard Entertainment to both pursue our right to operate and our customer's right to play WoW as they choose, we did not prevail in the suit and have been ordered by the United States District Court in California to cease our operations," Becker wrote.

Ceiling Fan Software created and rented automated World of Warcraft bots which players could recruit in order to level up quickly.

Popular Ceiling Fan bots included Shadow Bot and Pocket Gnome, among others.

The World of Warcraft terms of service agreement has always warned against both creating and using such bots. Users are warned not to "create or use cheats, 'mods', and/or hacks, or any other third-party software designed to modify the World of Warcraft experience."

A World of Warcraft film adaptation is currently in production.

The MMO's popularity has been in decline of late, with analysts pointing to a 57 per cent drop in revenues over seven months for the subscription-based title.