Pokémon art director not interested in selling DLC

Art director believes DLC would 'ruin the worldview' of the game

Pokémon art director Ken Sugimori is strongly against paid DLC for Pokémon games, saying it has been that way since the beginning.

During a recent interview with 4Gamer, as translated by Siliconera, Sugimori explains why DLC has never been implemented in the Pokémon series.


Sugimori said that when it comes to business he has always said no to buying Pokémon with money. "That is something that has been said since the days [Satoshi] Tajiri was completely involved in everything," he said.

DLC has never been considered for Pokémon as it could "ruin the worldview" of the series. "The reason we don't simply commercialize [Pokémon], is that it's a way of protecting the brand, and for this purpose, we have the specialty company called The Pokémon Company.

"Therefore, suppose we sell a Pokémon for 100 yen, then we must prepare something that is worthy of that 100 yen, along with a reasonable consent for doing so."

There may not be DLC for Pokémon, but special legendary Pokémon have been given away to fans at certain paid events. This however, fits with the "worldview" of Pokémon, according to Sugimori.

"It's not that we only want to distribute [Pokémon], but we want to give our customers a taste of a 'new experience'. Whatever we do, we make sure it fits the worldview, and make sure it remains consistent. Those are some of the parts we place a great amount of importance into."

Pokémon X & Y was released worldwide October 12.

In our review, we said the title is "a major leap forward for the franchise" and "the first Pokémon game worthy of the 21st century."

According to Nintendo the latest edition in the Pokémon series has sold more than four million units in a single weekend worldwide, and in 1.8 million in Japan during its first week on sale.

Nintendo is currently working on a fix for the game breaking bug, which renders save files unusable, when players save their progress in certain sections of Lumiose City.