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Check out CVG Australia's complete guide to the Xbox One

New digital mag details console and its games ahead of November 22 launch

CVG Australia has just put the finishing touches on our first digital edition, and it's all about the Xbox One.


The Xbox One Digital Special is a 30 page digital magazine for iPhone and iPad. It's packed with details on Microsoft's new console, as well as trailers, screenshots and thorough rundowns on the most anticipated first and third-party titles headed to the machine.

Whether you've got an Xbox One on pre-order, planning to line-up at midnight on November 22, or still tossing up whether to get one at all, our Xbox One Digital Special has all the info you need.

Best of all, the digital magazine will cost you a mere $1.99 in Australia, or $2.59 if you're in New Zealand. Get it right now.

Even if you don't intend to get the Xbox One mag, the CVG Australia app is free of charge and can be downloaded right now on Apple's Newsstand. There's a lot of exciting projects in the pipeline, so go forth and download!