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Comments of the Week

Your finest, funniest and oddest comments over the past seven days


Steven Gerrard and Spock star in Xbox One marketing campaign

"I'd like to think the original idea was Joey Barton and George Takei." - Barry316

It was, but people complained and Microsoft did a 180.

Call of Duty Ghosts PC requires 40GB storage and 6GB RAM

"6gb of ram for minimum!? It must be all of those AI fish that move out of the way when you swim near them!" - MutilateTheDead

They don't call it "COD" for nothing (sorry).

Call of Duty Ghosts PC requires 40GB storage and 6GB RAM

"As a console gamer I am easily impressed by large numbers.

Wow, 6!" - Dijon

That's why they didn't call it by its actual name, Call Of Duty 10, because it would have blown your mind.

Batman Arkham Origins review round-up

"You must be jok(er)ing, not a single 9!

Hopefully their not too scare(crow)d to continue on the series. I swear; reviews must be the bane of developers lives and can lead to the studios death(stroke).........I'll get my coat" - Thane64

Your cape, surely.

Titanfall release date set for March 2014

"sorry does that $250 [special edition] come with a console, or is that just game+stuff ??" - kovin

"It's from EA, you'll be lucky if it comes with the disk." - Jacob Shaw

That's such a 'zing', it's powered by the Microsoft Zing search engine.

Miyamoto: Nintendo needs a development partner to make more HD remakes

"I was just thinking what games I would like to see remade and the majority of them were N64 games. What a brilliant console that was, probably my favourite.

Unfortunately I'd imagine any remakes would have to be from the GameCube or Wii. How about Metroid Trilogy in HD as a precursor to a new iteration?! Would work well with the pad I reckon." - OfWolfAndBiggs

Shut up and take my... um, whatever the currency is in Metroid. Space lira or something.

Creative Assembly's Alien FPS stars Ripley's daughter, report claims

"Melee weapons! Melee weapons! MELEE WEAPONS! Against a xenomorph, against Giger's Alien, Melee weapons! This is the problem! If it's in range for you to hit it, you're dead.

If this is truly inspired by Ridley Scott's Alien then your weapon would be run, hide, try to escape and almost surely die.

I'm guessing this will be focused on the founding of Acheron LV426, I don't know how Amanda would fit into that and still see aliens as we know the Jordan's are first to find the derelict. My bet is they'll ham-fistedly jam her into the plot, say her death at the age of 66 from cancer was a Yutani lie and she has something to do with Anne Jorden (Newts Mum). Oh gods what if they try and make a plot twist where Newt is related to Ellen even though the timeline doesn't add up at all. Stop it Creative Assembly, stop trying to shoehorn in the movie's stories in ways that couldn't possibly be canon.

Just make your own story and your own characters and stop making the most beautiful and deadly alien ever envisioned look like a stupid wimp!

/rant" - Drusus

For such a clearly dedicated Aliens fan, we're surprised you couldn't contain your rage to short, controlled bursts.

Infinity Ward says many Call of Duty players aren't core gamers

"I agree, I know people I work with and others buy cod and are unwilling to try almost any other game. They'll cue up at midnight for it and take days off work, but when it comes to anything else game wise they ain't interested. They may be hardcore cod fans, but most ain't hardcore gamers.

Most Cod players are similar to Justin Bieber fans if you ask me. Obsessed about one thing." - Fenbops

Is it Sudoku?

Video: Sony celebrates PlayStation legacy with PS4 short film

"Nice, although that first PS1 should have been upside down" - kyleforrester87

If you got that joke, you're a proper old-school Sony fan. And potentially a criminal, depending on why you were doing it.