What is Sega teasing for Tuesday?

A mysterious Facebook image suggests an announcement is imminent

We haven't had a good countdown teaser for a while, so we were pleased to see Sega post this mysterious image on its Facebook page.

Written in a suitably ghoulish font, the message reads: "On October 29th, guts will be _______".


It's a seven-letter word so the most obvious conclusion would be that the missing word is 'spilled', but we don't really understand why Sega would leave that word out.

Does this mean the word 'spilled' has something to do with the game it's teasing? Or is it the case that Sega's trying to trick us and the word isn't 'spilled' after all?

Of course, countdown law dictates that whatever is being teased has an 85% chance of being disappointing, and when the countdown just appears on a Facebook page the day before the announcement that likelihood is increased.

Still, it's nice to get worked up about something, so we welcome all guesses below. Given the drippy font and the fact that Halloween's approaching, we'd guess it's an iOS version of House Of The Dead 2 and 3 or, at worst, a Halloween update for Sonic Dash.

Actually, hang on. A Sega announcement? A hidden word? Seven letters?

Good God, we think we've cracked it: