Star Wars 1313 concept art is a painful reminder of what could have been

It seems the world doesn't want us to forget about LucasArts' ill-fated third-person action game Star Wars 1313. In fact, it wants to repeatedly remind us that it had the potential to be something really special, and that we'll probably (maybe, perhaps) never get to play it. Curse you, world.

Update (02/05/2014): Brazilian artist Bruno Werneck has also released artwork he created as part of the Star Wars 1313 project. The images have been added to the gallery below.

The latest cruel reminder comes in the form of art from senior concept designer Gustavo Mendonca, who worked on the project and is now at Microsoft's 343 Industries, likely putting his considerable talent to use on the next Halo game.

The images, which you can see below, includes a mixture of environments from the game, renders of Boba Fett, reported to be the protagonist of the game, and weapons.

Slideshow: Star Wars 1313 concept art

After acquiring LucasArts, Disney shut down the studio and put Star Wars 1313 on hold as part of a shift from internal development to a licensing model.

The game is now presumed to be cancelled, but Disney has not yet released an official statement confirming this.

Details about the game have trickled in for months following its cancellation. The game was set to star Bobba Fett, who would have replaced bounty hunter character shown during the reveal trailer.

It was to begin with a prologue chapter set on Tattooine, with a young Bobba Fett seen prior to acquiring the Mandalorian armor. Chronologically, the game was placed between the prequels and the original trilogy. Fett wears his father's helmet and, over the course of the game, would evolve his armour to eventually become the iconic suit fans love.

The story was set to tie in with a live-action TV series set on Coruscant focusing on criminal families.

Though the majority of the game was reportedly set on level 1313, the story was also going to take Fett to level 1314 of Coruscant, where the bounty hunter fights through the pitch black slum district in search of his mark.

As suggested by the reveal trailer, Star Wars 1313 had much in common with Naughty Dog's Uncharted series, in particular the scripted set-pieces and platforming.