Dark Souls 2 beta rescheduled for America

Problems prevented gamers from logging in during recent beta test

A Dark Souls 2 beta test has been rescheduled for North American players after a recent beta test was besieged with technical problems.

A PS3 beta test took place on the night of Sunday October 27, but it quickly became clear that North American players were having problems logging into the servers.


To make up for the technical issues, the beta test will take place again for three hours on 11:00pm PST on November 10 (2:00am EST on November 11).

"Attention Dark Souls II Testers," read a tweet on Namco Bandai's twitter feed on Sunday night. "It seems that North and South American players will not be able to log into the servers for this test.

"We thoroughly apologize for all of the confusion and issues. We will be rescheduling the Network Test for another date.

"We know this is quite disheartening and we thank everyone for their enthusiasm."

It also reassured those who had signed up for the beta that their place was not lost, stating: "Everyone who was in this test will be allowed in for the next Dark Souls II PS3 Network Test. Your spot is secure."

The beta test was also available for European gamers. At the time of writing no European connection issues have been reported.

It is not yet clear if European players will also be eligible to take part in the rescheduled beta test on November 11, or if it is solely for American gamers. CVG has reached out to Namco Bandai for clarification.