The Walking Dead: Season Two detailed with trailer

Telltale lifts lid on new season of zombie survival horror

Telltale Games has revealed concrete details and a trailer on the much anticipated Season 2 of its The Walking Dead episodic game.

Season 2 turns the focus on Clementine, with players taking control of the young girl to "outwit both the dead and the living in situations that will test their morals and control the flow of the story through their decisions and actions", explains the developer.

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As with Season 1, the second season will consist of five periodically released episodes.

The Walking Dead: Season 2 will premiere via digital channels "later this year" on PC and Mac, unspecific "home consoles" and iOS. The developer says there are also "additional platforms to be announced" later.


The PlayStation Blog has confirmed PS3 and Vita to be among the platforms getting Season 2.

The full season will stretch into and conclude in 2014.

Season 2 is available for pre-order now on PC and Mac via Steam or the Telltale Games Online Store. A Season Pass granting buyers access to all five episodes in the season is priced at $22.49, which Telltale says represents a 10 per cent discount on buying each episode separately.

A trailer is above, while a gallery of new Season 2 screenshots can be viewed in the gallery below.