Nintendo reports 300k Wii U console sales in Q2

Corporation sticks to 9m Wii U sales target this fiscal; Reports half-year net profit of $6m

Nintendo has maintained its 9 million Wii U sales forecast for the fiscal year through March 2014, despite only having sold 460,000 consoles since April.

In its second fiscal quarter between July and September 2013, the company reported Wii U hardware sales of some 300,000 units, a 87 per cent increase on its last quarter but still significantly behind traction of its end-year goal.


Global Wii U hardware sales to date sit at 3.91 million units.

Wii U software showed improvement in the Q2 period, reaching 5.27 million units - a 400 per cent jump on the previous quarter.

Nintendo credited the software growth to key first-party releases such as Pikmin 3 and The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD.

Nintendo 3DS hardware sales reached 2.49 million for the quarter - a year-on-year decline of 22 per cent - while software sales of 16.37 marked a 40 per cent increase on FY2013.

In the six months since April, Nintendo made $2 billion in sales, though costs and international market rates left it with a net profit of $6.1 million. The improvement is dramatic - in the same period last year, the company lost $285 million,

Nintendo has not revised its full-year forecast of a $560 million net profit, pointing to the release of Pokemon X and Y, the cheaper Nintendo 2DS portable, and the upcoming release of Super Mario 3D World.

The company said that Wii U hardware, which has recently been marked down in the US and Europe, still has a negative impact on its profits.

Nintendo said it will concentrate on "proactively releasing key first-party titles towards the coming year," such as Super Mario 3D World and Wii Party U, in order to regain momentum for the platform.

The firm also pointed to acceleration of digital distribution of Wii U and 3DS software as a method of increasing profitability.