Battlefield 4: PS4 videos show deathmatch and conquest

For those not satiated by the 50-minutes of Battlefield 4 PS4 gameplay footage we published on Tuesday, here's an extra three next-gen videos to gorge on.

The first video shows deathmatch being played on the Zavod 311 map; the action in the second video takes place on Flood Zone; and the third video shows Conquest gameplay on the Rogue Transmission map.

In CVG's Battlefield 4 review we said the game is a "bombastic start to the next generation of shooters, especially in multiplayer".

We added: "Battlefield 4 is the series' most compelling package to date, a delightfully slick introduction to the next-generation of consoles and more than a good enough reason on its lonesome to pick up a PS4 or Xbox One to see what high-end PC-owning players have been banging on about for year."

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