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Deal watch: Halloween sales infect Steam, PSN and GoG

Prices CUT, AXED and SLASHED - mostly in the US

He's climbing through your windows, he's snatching your people up, so you better hide your kids, hide your wife, and hide your husband.

By that I mean, it's Halloween this week and some games are going cheap.


First up is Steam, which has run a blood-curdling sale that SLASHES prices of horror-themed games such as Slender, Alone in the Dark, Amnesia and Devil May Cry (the latest one). Want Aliens Colonial Marines for about £3.75 ($5.99)? Yeah, kinda? Well, go on Steam.

Do you live in America? Then you're in even more luck as Sony has BRUTALISED the price of many PS3 and Vita games. Dead Island is $10 and $5 to PS Plus subscribers, for example, and you can get a Walking Dead Season Pass for $5, which is crazy.

If you live in Europe, er, do you have Steam?

Other things going on: Good Old Games is also SLICING AND DICING prices with a Halloween sale in the US - games like Alan Wake and Amnesia are going cheap.

Oh, and there's new Halloween-themed Joe Danger 2 DLC.