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Gallery: This, in the Year of Luigi, is Nintendo's Luigi-est piece of Luigi memorabilia

In case you've been living under a rock for the past ten months, 2013 is the Year Of Luigi. Also, your rock is rubbish at keeping you up to date on current affairs, they have ones with WiFi now you know.

So far, in this, the Year Of Luigi, we've had Luigi's Mansion 2, New Super Luigi U, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team and a dedicated launch on Miiverse for fans to congregate and worship at the alter of Luigi, mostly with sweet drawings of the man himself.

Today in this, the year of Luigi, the latest piece of Year Of Luigi merchandise went on sale in Europe and can only be purchased at Nintendo's official online store, and it's arguably the perfect way to show your Luigi indoctrination is complete love.

Chris Scullion secured his limited edition Luigi 3DS XL this morning. Below he presents you with this extremely serious, professional slideshow.