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Comments of the Week

Your finest, funniest and oddest comments over the past seven days


Ubisoft axes Uplay Passport, AC4 restrictions lifted

"This one eighty business is catching!" - otto_spooky

True, but Bullseye was doing it years ago.

Papa Sangre II released on iOS

"The 1st Papa Sangre game was great, adding in Mr Bean is even better!" - c97dem

Just to clarify, that's Sean Bean. Not Rowan Atkinson.

Video: Orchid and Spinal confirmed for Killer Instinct

"Orchid is the ancient Greek word for testicle.

You're welcome." - plain_kloz_cop

We were dubious about this so we Googled it. What do you know, you're right.

PlayStation 4 will not support CDs, mp3s or PC media streaming

"Complaints after Microsoft's Xbox One TV and sports conference - "All I want to do is play games."

Complaints after Sony PS4's no audio CD, MP3 and media playback - "So it can only play games?"

Funny lot aren't we?" - budge

Well, that's one word for it.

South Park: The Stick of Truth delayed to March

"I blame Canada" - obidanshinobi

Nice one, buddy. (I'm not your buddy, guy)

Xbox's next free game is A World Of Keflings

"Sony better up their game. Microsoft coming at PS+ fo' sho'" - Savantcore

If we pretend you're being deadly serious, that seems even funnier.

Tiger Woods 'in negotiations over game rights'

"Welcome to Tiger Woods Putting Challenge. I am Woods. Now, choose a club. You have chosen a three wood.
May I suggest a putter?
Three wood.
Now enter the force of your swing. I suggest feather touch.
You have entered "power drive".
Now, push seven eight seven to swing."
Ball is in...parking lot. Would you like to play again?
You have selected, "No."" - dubplate240

We're a sucker for a Simpsons quote at the best of times, but kudos for having the dedication to see it through to the end.

Sony: 4K movie support 'under consideration' for PS4

"I remember hiring a video cassette out and having to p**s about with the tracking on the VCR for 30 minutes before we could get a half decent picture" - metallicorphan

Yeah, and you'd sit there on your Space Hopper eating Opal Fruits and Marathon bars. Or something.


Microsoft offers full disclosure amid fears over Kinect surveillance

"If the NSA requested your information from MS or other* hardware manufacturers for that matter, MS * would be legally unable to tell you. If they revealed what information they'd handed over or who was "spied" on, MS executives would be locked up.

It's more serious than some people on this site are making out, they collect information and if you ever do something that upsets the government they can retroactively go back to all the data they've collected to find out if there's any skeletons in your closet.

You may thing oh but I'm not doing anything wrong, as has been reported that doesn't matter. The NSA is effectively thousands of individuals looking at all this information with little or no scrutiny, a demonstration of this is the term LOVINT. The term applies to NSA employees spying on people they are personally involved with such as spouses, ex partners, people who are just attractive or people who have a feud with the NSA employee.
Think about that, it's so common for NSA employees to spy on whoever they want without being challenged that they have a name for it. That shows you how illegal and out of control the whole system is, and we only know about it because 1 man was prepared to throw his life away to tell us about it." - starvinbull

Still though, Forza will be good eh?

GTA Online title update and Stimulus Package due next week

"Already a DLC, very disapointing from Rockstar..." - medens

Yeah, that free DLC is a real pain.

Capcom forecasts 1.2 million Dead Rising 3 sales

"It's a busy launch lineup and I wish them well but I think as usual Capcom is picking numbers out of the air and will use those numbers to attack it's staff when they aren't reached." - Drusus

There's nothing quite like attacking a company for something it hasn't done yet. Proper Minority Report commenting here.

Xbox One launch is strong even without TitanFall, says Microsoft exec

"I doubt XBone will be able to do 32 versus 32 (64 Player server) it would be just too much for the platform and M$ scaling up 720p to 1080p and having it run at 30 FPS a second is just horrid. You might as well just run it with low resolution textures to squeeze out as much FPS as possible. I don't think Major Nelson will deliver and then there is the ongoing XBox Live Gold costs.

Might as well have Battlefield 4 with 256k textures and not 2048 or 4K Textures. It will just be easy for XBone players to cope with after all." - ThisIsBrick

There just aren't enough palms for our face right now.