Battlefield 4 bugs detailed by DICE, studio working to patch them

Lost multiplayer progress and corrupt save files being investigated

DICE has released a list of known Battlefield 4 bugs it is currently working to patch or investigate.

The studio is working to investigate and fix a list of known issues with the military shooter, which released for PC and current-gen consoles last week.


These problems include game crashes and freezes, lost multiplayer progress, corrupt single player save files and audio related bugs, among other smaller problems.

Among the problems recently fixed, or to be imminently fixed, include a bug affecting magazine reload on the game's normal difficulty setting, and various problems with the Xbox 360's mission creation.

The studio is also addressing problems with server queues and server crashes in the PC edition.

In addition to the technical problems, DICE has also invited users to continue offering feedback on gameplay related concerns.

"We are hearing your feedback regarding gameplay balance and other tweaks to classes and weapons, and are actively discussing these with the designers," a spokesperson for the studio wrote.

Battlefield 4 released last week to positive reviews, with CVG describing it as "a bombastic start to the next generation of shooters".

Following its release, many professional game critics have identified several performance advantages in the PS4 version compared to the Xbox One edition.

DICE has detailed the first DLC map pack for Battlefield 4, in the form of 'Second Assault'.