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Making Destiny for PC 'would spread Bungie too thin'

Studio wants to stay laser focused on the console versions of its upcoming game

Attempting to make Destiny for PC at this time would negatively impact the in development console versions of the game.

That's according to Destiny senior writer and Bungie community manager Eric Osborne, who has told IGN that the studio's determined not to spread itself too thin.


With Bungie formerly owned by Microsoft, Destiny will be the studio's first game to be released on PlayStation consoles as well as Xbox ones. "It's a huge challenge to ship four platforms and a massive opportunity to reach a new audience," Osborne said.

"We know there are a lot of people out there asking for PC and we know that there are a lot of gamers that would willingly give us money, but what we have to do is make sure we're focused enough to bring a good experience to any platform that we ship on.

"What we 100 percent are not going to do is spread ourselves so thin that it negatively harms the other platforms. So right now we have the four platforms, which is a lot to focus on."

A Destiny beta is set to launch in early 2014 ahead of the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One game's release later in the year.

Osborne has indicated that the Destiny beta will be much greater in scope than those held for the studio's past Halo games.

"The Destiny beta, in many ways, is being treated like a full product launch," he said in October. "We can't just carve out three competitive multiplayer maps this time around. We'd only be gathering data on one facet of the overall experience--one that is arguably the least resource intensive and most well understood by our team. Destiny demands more.

"Our ambition is to build big, rich destinations that players can visit over and over again, to fill them up with great story and moments that they can share with their friends, and to deliver face melting action that leads to treasure, challenge, and discovery. We want to pour all of that secret sauce into the Destiny beta. It's a massive undertaking, but one that we believe will pay huge dividends for us, and for our players."