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Battlefield Recon: Class warfare and pro tips

In this week's Battlefield Recon hosts Dan Dawkins and Andy Hartup discuss triggering Levolution events, the best of your Battlefield 4 clips and pro tips for playing each of the four classes.

The show begins with a slight variation on the usual Top five Battlefield moments, with this week's movies showing the best clips from Battlefield 4 launch week. Attack Boat TV Missiles is pretty self-explanatory and shows interesting ways of using guided ordinance in your game, however rivaLxfactor's Line Em Up Boys has a triple can-can line of counter-knife kills that is truly a thing of beauty.

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Yet it's LevelCapGaming's Levolution guide which is an absolute must-watch, showing exactly what you'll need to do to trigger each of Battlefield 4's ten big terrain transformation events. Want to know precisely which key structure points will bring down Rogue Transmission's huge satellite dish on your enemies heads? Just how do you unleash the battleship in Paracel Storm and bring it crashing into the main island? LevelCap have the answers.

Essential viewing and there's also some useful tips on how to apply XP boosters for maximum effect to make sure you get rapid promotion However things are rounded off on something of comedy note by Westie, who believes he's discovered quite possibly the worst Easter egg ever in Flood Zone.

Since everyone's now getting properly stuck into the game, the Recon team have decided to can their usual news section this week and instead concentrate their minds on playing tips and advice. However one intriguing nugget that has emerged from launch week is the possible existence of a great secret concealed in the multiplayer portion of the game. What could it be? The gentlemen examine the evidence and reveal what the sharpest minds on the internet think.

The final section of the show takes a look at the class system in Battlefield 4 and how it has changed since Battlefield 3. What are the major differences for the Assault, Engineer, Support and Recon classes? How does the new unlock system work and what tweaks have been made to the Support class to make it now worthy of your attention?

Andy runs through them all, reveals his own favourite class to play and also teases a new comprehensive, in-depth video which will divulge even more. Don't forget, you read it here first.

A new episode of Battlefield Recon will release every Tuesday at 4.30pm following Battlefield 4's launch on current gen and going forward to its release on next gen on Xbox One on the 22nd November and PlayStation 4 on 29th November.

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With current gen versions of Battlefield 4 now in players' hands, be sure to drop the Recon boys a line and let them know how you've been getting on. You can also submit your favourite Battlefield clips and possibly appear in new Battlefield Recon episodes. Keep it tuned to CVG's Battlefield 4 pages for all the best coverage.