First Steam Machine prototype pictures released

The first images of a prototype of Valve's upcoming Steam Machine have been published online.

The shots below were released as part of a Seattle Times article suggesting that a variety of Steam Machines and entertainment applications are likely to be unveiled in January at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Steam Machines are due for commercial release next year and will come in different forms with different specs. While some will be constructed with high-end components to offer top end performance, others will prioritise low cost or a small form factor.

Prototype Steam Machines being sent to users for beta testing have been confirmed as "high-end, high-performance" boxes built using off the shelf PC parts.

Steam Machines were revealed in September as part of three announcements covering Valve's strategy to bring Steam games to the living room.

The company also revealed the SteamOS operating system, designed to be used on larger TVs, as well as a new Valve controller designed to offer innovative new input mechanics.