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Pokémon X & Y: 10 million Pokémon traded so far

Pokémon hits another milestone

Pokémon X & Y has reached another milestone, with 10 million Pokémon traded so far between the games.

Game Freak director Junichi Masuda revealed the news during the Salon Del Manga De Barcelona, Spain's largest Manga and Anime convention.


Pokémon X & Y was released worldwide October 12, and in less than a month the games have already reached several milestones.

In the first weekend the titles went on sale, more than four million units were sold worldwide in just two days.

In its first week on sale in Japan, Pokémon X & Y sold 1.8 million copies, beating Grand Theft Auto V to the top of the Japanese charts.

Pokémon X & Y suffered from a game breaking bug when players saved in Luminose City. Nintendo has since released a patch to address the issue.