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New PS Vita firmware update introduces 'PS4 Link' mode

Sony prepares for this month's next-gen console launch

A new firmware update for the PS Vita adds an application introducing PlayStation 4 remote play to the device.

PS4 Link will allow users to play the console's games remotely on the handheld where supported, and will also facillitate second screen gameplay.

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System update 3.00 also introduces parental controls, which allows users to manage what software can be accessed on the handheld, as well as the duration of a single play session.

Meanwhile, a Panoramic Camera setting has been added to the camera mode.

Other small changes are also introduced, including improved friends management, and the ability to transfer data between the Vita and PS3 via Wi-Fi.

PlayStation 4 releases November 15 in the US and November 29 in Europe and Australia.

Sony recently unveiled a new, slimmer line of PS Vitas. The handheld has an LCD screen and increased battery life.