Sony PocketStation support comes to Vita

LCD device emulator free to PS Plus subscribers in Japan

Sony has released a PlayStation app in Japan that emulates the PocketStation on Vita.

The PocketStation was a memory card with an LCD screen. Compatible PlayStation games allowed players to transfer a basic mini-game to the PocketStation screen so they could play it on the move and, in some instances, 'grind' to improve their stats in the main game.


The app, which is available now for free to PlayStation Plus owners in Japan, adds PocketStation support to all PlayStation Classic titles that originally had PocketStation compatibility.

On its own, the app is useless and cannot even be booted from the main Vita menu. Players must have a compatible PSOne game downloaded, and will be given the option to load the appropriate PocketStation mini-game when starting up that title.

To celebrate the app's release Sony will also be bringing Dokodemo Issho to the PlayStation Store on December 3, the same date the app will be made available to non-Plus members. This was the first game to feature Sony's Japanese mascot Toro and was considered the most popular PocketStation compatible game.

A total of 66 PlayStation games supported the PocketStation in Japan, including Final Fantasy VIII, Ridge Racer Type 4, Spyro The Dragon and Street Fighter Alpha 3.

It has not yet been confirmed whether the PocketStation app will be released in the west. If it does, it will mark the first time gamers outside of Japan can play the PocketStation mini-games without importing.

YouTube user skyghene made this detailed and comprehensive video showing the PocketStation app in use:

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