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Four PS4 trailers hype next-gen gaming

New videos showcase hardware, games, DualShock 4 and Vita connectivity

Sony has kicked its PS4 launch PR campaign into full gear with four new trailers spotlighting the new console and its games.

The videos below show off the PS4 hardware, the games, the DualShock 4 controller and PS4's connectivity features with Vita.


This comes after a video posted earlier today boasted the PS4's system specs and offered a good look at the hardware from all angles.

The platform holder recently published an extensive PS4 FAQ covering everything from the console's processors and technical capabilities to peripherals and software support.

New PS4 games will be revealed during a Spike TV All Access event next week in the run-up to the North American PS4 release date of November 15.

PS4 hits EU on November 29. The PS4 price is set at £349 / €399 / $399.

The four new videos are below:

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