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SimCity 'Cities of Tomorrow' video shows futuristic buildings

Futuristic expansion releasing next week

EA has shared a new SimCity video offering an introduction to some of the futuristic buildings that'll be available in its new Cities of Tomorrow expansion.

The expansion will let players "transform their cities" as you leap 50 years into the future where "new technologies and experimental urban planning techniques" await.

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"With SimCity Cities of Tomorrow, players can build the future as they imagine it. Transport your Sims on MagLev, power your cities with fusion reactors or tidal wave generators, manufacture a legion of drones to serve your Sims and build massive MegaTowers that dwarf modern skyscrapers," detailed Maxis Emeryville GM Patrick Buechner.

Cities of Tomorrow will be released for PC and Mac on November 12 in US and November 15 in EU, publisher EA has confirmed.

More details on the expansion can be had here, while a previous video detailing the expansion's content is here.