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Worldwide PS3 sales top 80 million units, Sony claims

Console's lifetime sales total is neck-and-neck with Xbox 360's

Worldwide PS3 sales to retailers have surpassed 80 million units since the system launched on November 11, 2006, according to Sony.

The 80 million sales milestone was reached on November 2, 2013, the platform holder said today.


The news follows Microsoft's mid-October announcement that worldwide Xbox 360 sales had reached 80 million units since the system launched in November 2005, one year earlier than PS3.

As of September 30, 2013, Sony says 4,332 software titles had been released for PS3 worldwide, excluding downloadable games. A further 300 will be released this winter, including Gran Turismo 6, the latest entry in PlayStation's best-selling franchise.

The PlayStation Network, which launched alongside PS3 in 2006, now operates in 59 countries and, as of September 19, it had amassed more than 150 million registered accounts. PSN's global catalogue offers over 222,000 digital content options, including 72,000 pieces of game content, Sony says.

In August, when Sony announced a PS4 release date of November 15 in North America and November 29 in Europe, the company said more than one million PS4 pre-orders had been placed worldwide. The PS4 price is set at £349 / €399 / $399.