By CVG Staff on Wednesday 6th Nov 2013 at 2:20 PM UTC

The FIFA series has widely been considered the king of football gaming for years now. The recently-released Xbox 360 version of FIFA 14 blew gamers away with its greatly improved ball physics, precision movement, increased AI intelligence and new pure shot mechanics, but that was only the first helping. Set for release on November 22, FIFA 14 on Xbox One is set to take the series to the next level with unprecedented levels of realism.

The brand new EA Sports IGNITE engine is the driving force behind next-gen FIFA. Combining EA's best rendering, run-time physics, animation, intelligence, locomotion and online systems into one powerful, new engine, the IGNITE engine makes four times more calculations per second than the engine used in current-generation systems.

This means the on-screen athletes don't just look far more lifelike than ever before, they act more like real-life footballers too. New animations make for more natural reactions to different situations, and improved physics mean player movements will be more lifelike than in any football game before.


IGNITE also affects the way AI-controlled players act. Thinking and reacting just like real-life players, they'll constantly be aware of their environment and the state of play. If they're losing and need a last-minute goal, for example, they'll play with a greater sense of urgency, rushing to take a free kicks, corners or goal-kick as the clock ticks down.

It isn't just the action on the pitch that's getting a next-gen upgrade, though. Every stadium in FIFA 14 on Xbox One has been revamped to feel more alive and packed with excitement. With what it's calling its 'living worlds' system, EA has made stadiums that don't just feel like shells to contain the football, but live arenas filled with action, atmosphere and detailed crowds that react just like a real crowd would.

FIFA has always been known for its top-notch presentation, and FIFA 14 on Xbox One takes things even further with its new Match Flow feature and in-game Director. Match Flow makes for dynamic and continuous gameplay, with players interacting with ball boys to get the ball back during throw-ins, and player positioning during corners and free kicks.

Meanwhile, the new in-game Director will make matches feel more like actual TV broadcasts than ever before, with 121 different broadcast cameras positioned around the pitch inside each stadium, each focusing on specific players, incidents and viewpoints to ensure each game tells its own dramatic story.

Off the pitch, FIFA 14 on Xbox One still contains all the modes and features you've come to expect from the Xbox 360 version of the game, including the hugely popular Ultimate Team mode. Here, players can put together their own dream teams by buying and trading player cards, then take their team online and play against those of other players.


Not only does FIFA 14 on Xbox One feature Ultimate Team mode, it also contains a special feature exclusive to Xbox One - Ultimate Team Legends. Join a selection of classic footballing heroes: the likes of Pele, Bergkamp, Gullit, van Basten, Matthaus and Maldini can be selected for your Ultimate Team, truly making your squad an all-time great. Ever wanted to know how Pele and Messi might play on the same pitch? Well now you can finally make it happen with Xbox One. Choose your heroes from down the footballing ages and become a true FIFA legend!

FIFA 14 on Xbox 360 is already an incredible football title. Now, FIFA 14 on Xbox One is ready to blast the award-winning series into the next generation. If you already thought FIFA was the most realistic football game on the planet, get ready to see it raise the bar even further.