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Sony files patents for PlayStation head mounted displays

Former Evolution Studios employees listed as inventors

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) filed a number of patent applications related to head mounted display systems in May.

As spotted by a NeoGAF user, one patent is specifially for a head mounted display, while another is for an audio system which enables head mounted display users to detect real world hazards while deeply immersed in interactive experiences.


Both patent applications list the inventors as Ian Bickerstaff, a senior engineer at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's WWS Stereoscopic Team, and Simon Benson, senior development manager at PlayStation Europe.

Bickerstaff previously served as a senior simulation engineer at MotorStorm creator Evolution Studios, while Benson was a producer and senior development manager at the studio.

As CVG reported in September, Sony intends to launch a PlayStation-branded virtual reality headset. The company is weighing up whether the PS4 device should be pitched as a key differentiator for the console or a non-essential add-on.

Evolution Studios is thought to be working with the headset to simulate a cockpit view on PS4 title DriveClub, which was recently delayed from this November to early 2014.

The PlayStation virtual reality headset is tentatively scheduled for release in the autumn of 2014, according to alleged development sources.