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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII video shows wardrobe options

View the vast customization options for Lightning's appearance

Square Enix has released a new Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII video to show off the vast array of custom options players will have for Lightnings outfits.

"Not only is there a wide variety of weapons and armor that can be purchased across shops in various zones, but players have the ultimate customization tools to change the pallet of their items to suite their personal styles," explains Square.

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Lightning Returns was revealed at last year's Final Fantasy 25th anniversary event and is billed as the last entry in the 'Lightning saga'.

17 minutes of Lightning Returns gameplay footage was released in early October, followed by a further eight minutes of video with commentary from game design director Yuji Abe.

The official Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII release date has been confirmed as February 11, 2014 in North America and February 14 in Europe.