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It's early November and while we aim the last of Tuesday's fireworks into the ether and reflect that Guy Fawkes probably had the right idea after all, what we're now dubbing Next Generation November is in full swing. Just two weeks from today the Xbox One will be in your hands and one week after that PlayStation 4. We're so excited we could puke. In the meantime, Call of Duty: Ghosts provides a welcome current-gen aperitif, as will these lovely links from our brave lads 'n lasses of Games, Film and Tech.


Is it just big dumb fun? Find out in our Call of Duty Ghosts review
Ghosts lead designer talks the future of Need for Speed

Games Radar

The first next-gen entry in the industry's biggest shooter franchise is here. Check out our full Call of Duty: Ghosts review.
Marth joins the fight in the next Smash Bros. Get the full character lineup in our Super Smash Bros. Wii U roster.

Official Nintendo Magazine

Legendary Zelda! Brand new art released from Link Between Worlds
Brand new gameplay footage from Call of Duty Ghosts Wii U edition

Official PlayStation Magazine

Max out the Jackdaw our Assassin's Creed 4 treasure map & elite ship upgrades guide.

Master the sea with our Assassin's Creed 4 naval combat tips & Jackdaw upgrade guide.


Is HTC working on a successor to the HTC One? Here's T3's round up of theBest Christmas gift ideas for Mum and Dad 2013


The verdict is in - find out what we think of Apple's latest full-sized tablet in our iPad Air review
The supercheap superphone arrives - here's our Google Nexus 5 hands on review.

Tesco Tech

If you're off to a firework display this winter we've got some top firework photography tips for you.
Dropped your phone or tablet in the drink. Here are some handy tips on how to dry out your device and what not to do, too.

Total Film

The Wolverine 2: 10 Things We Want To See
50 Greatest Community Movie References