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GTA Online: Roll like a billionaire with your $500k Stimulus Package

By Iain Wilson on Saturday 9th Nov 2013 at 2:30 PM UTC

As we recently reported, the Grand Theft Auto Online stimulus package has now begun rolling out to all players, depositing $500,000 in their accounts to compensate for connection problems and loss of progress during the initial launch period.

But now you have all this cash at your disposal, the next question is - what should you be spending it on? We've put together a guide showing you how to pimp your online lifestyle, and live like a billionaire without going a single dollar over the $500k Rockstar have provided.

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Apartment: Weazel Plaza, Apt 101 - $335,000

Dynasty 8 Real Estate website

This isn't the most expensive property to own (which is Eclipse Towers Apt 31 at $400k), but all high-end apartments have the same interior and 10-car garage, plus the all-important heist planning room ready for when that gameplay element is added to online play. The Weazel Plaza building is more central to Los Santos and has great views over the city, is close to both the movie studio and the beach, looks more impressive from the outside and has a fancy driveway with turning area outside your garage.

Sports Car: Obey 9F Cabrio - $130,000

Legendary Motorsport website

Based on the Audi R8 Spyder, the Obey 9F Cabrio is reasonably priced compared to some of the high-end sports cars that cost upward of $500k but still has great acceleration and top speed. The Cabrio version costs $10,000 more than the standard one, but it gives you get the retractable roof option which has a very nice action.

Speedboat: Shitzu Tropic - $22,000

Dock Tease website

Again this is reasonably priced compared to the other boats available, but it's still pretty fast and has room for you and three friends. To access it after purchasing, call Pegasus on your phone and select boat delivery to make it appear as a personal vehicle at the nearest port, in additional to personal car you may be driving.

Cycle: Tri-Cycles Race Bike - $10,000

Pedal and Metal website

In your fancy new apartment's garage, as well as space for 10 cars you can also store a number of bikes on the rack at the far end near the workbench. The Tri-Cycles race bike is not just any old bicycle, this one is designed for triathlons and is super fast - it's basically the Ferrari of bikes and is sure to turn heads as you zoom across the city.

Suit - $2,975


Now that you're living the high life you've got to look the part, and with your remaining $3,000 you can pick up a tidy suit from Ponsonby's. We went for a Black Sports Coat, Slate Pants, Salmon Shirt, Black Tie and All-Black Chelsea Boots, but be aware that some of these options are not initially available until you're wearing certain items - Suit Jackets unlock Suit Pants & Business Shirts, which in turn unlocks Ties (under Accessories).

The grand total for all of these items comes in at $499,975, with just enough left over to grab 10 bottles of Pi▀wasser and have yourself a little party on your boat...