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Diablo 3: Blizzard 'looking into' PS4 remote play support, says senior producer

"We want to make sure it's a good user experience" on smaller Vita screen

Blizzard has said it is exploring remote play support for the PlayStation 4 version of Diablo 3, which would allow gameplay to be streamed from Sony's upcoming console to the PlayStation Vita.


Speaking to CVG during an interview at Blizzcon, Julie Humphreys, senior producer on the console versions of Blizzard's loot-driven action RPG, said the developer was in the "earliest stages" with remote play support.

"One of the really cool features that comes built-in with the PS4 is this concept of remote play, so you can stream the gameplay that is happening on the PS4 over to your Vita screen," said Humphreys.

"That is something we are looking into. I would say we are in the earliest stages of looking at that. We want to make sure that it is readable and is a good user experience."

Humphreys's reveal follows statements from senior level designer Matthew Berger, who recently told GameSpot it is "not really" looking at Vita support.

"Not for the moment," Berger said. "The Vita is an amazing piece of kit, but the screen is still smaller. And also it has its own aspect ratio - and when you look at Diablo III, there's a lot happening on-screen already.

"You get surrounded by your enemies, lots of effects flying off in every direction. The inventory can be pretty complicated to navigate sometimes when you have lots of items."

Although Berger said Vita support is an idea that is "kind of percolating" in the back of Blizzard's mind, Humphreys's statements suggest it may be under more serious consideration that Berger let on.

Reaper of Souls, the first Diablo 3 expansion, is planned for release in 2014. Blizzard has confirmed that Diablo 3 will not be a launch title for the PS4, but is expected in 2014.