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Battlefield Recon: Tactical special - sniping, swimming and commander mode guides

In this week's Battlefield Recon, hosts Dan Dawkins and Andy Hartup take a look at snipers, scopes and zeroing, pick the best web clips of Battlefield 4 play and offer some hints and tips for Commander mode.

The episode kicks off with Clips of the Week, a look at some of the heroic, unusual and just plain strange things players get up to in the average game of Battlefield 4. We begin with some fine (or possibly questionable) voice work from Dan but more useful for Recon class players will be Wovn HD's guide to zeroing, or how to adjust your sniper scope to allow for bullet drop and still shoot men in the head.

More hot tips for specialist snipers and those who want to survive their attentions comes from the always excellent LevelCapGaming, who present a definitive guide to sniper glint. Do you know what the triangle of truth and detection is? You most certainly should, so find out more inside.

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Finally It wouldn't be an episode of Battlefield Recon without some inspired comedy and DooM49's Battlefield 4 shenanigans provide this week's hilarity with fan favourite Swimming Salmon Soldiers returning upstream to spawn. Not really much we can add to that, this is one clip you're going to have to see for yourselves.

But back to more serious matters and today's in-depth analysis section features Commander Mode, the second screen incarnation of Battlefield 4 which puts you in the strategic hot seat, allowing you to direct your troops on the front line.

Getting the most out of Commander mode can be tricky: you have to wait until you're at least level 10, then be elected by other players and you could be voted off if you don't perform well, it's a bit like the Xfactor, but with Tomahawk Cruise missiles. Andy has some advice to not only make you a great commander but answers some of the most important questions. Should you choose the on-screen or iPad version? What advantages does the touch screen offer and what are the best ways to influence your squads on the battlefield itself?

Commander Mode is a blend of both strategy and tactics and Andy has some tips on how to co-ordinate attacks, how to spring a genuine tactical surprise, the best way to deploy boosts to your troops and what kind of tactics are best used for game mode variations like Rush. As a commander you get to genuinely influence the battle in ways you can only imagine. But is it more fun than fighting on the ground? Andy delivers his final verdict.

That's your lot for this week, but a new episode of Battlefield Recon will release every Tuesday at 4.30pm following Battlefield 4's launch on current gen and going forward to its release on next gen. If you enjoy the show, don't forget to subscribe to catch more episodes. You'll also be able to get all the very latest and take part by following @battlerecon on Twitter.

With Battlefield 4 now in players' hands on PC and current gen, be sure to drop the boys a line and let them know how you've been getting on in the game. Don't forget you can also submit your own or others' favourite Battlefield clips to appear in future Battlefield Recon episodes. Keep it tuned to CVG's Battlefield 4 pages for all the very latest.