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BioShock Infinite DLC: Burial at Sea episode one launch trailer

Download the game's first single-player add-on pack now

Irrational Games has sent over the launch trailer for BioShock Infinite DLC Burial At Sea.

Burial At Sea is a two-part story set in Rapture on New Year's Eve 1958, the night on which the revolution began in the underwater city.

The Burial at Sea DLC is split into two parts; in the first, which is available from today, players resume the role of Infinite protagonist Booker, but in the second they'll play as Elizabeth for the first time. The Burial at Sea add-ons cost £9.99 / $14.99 each.

CVG's Burial At Sea review states that the DLC is "aimed squarely at the BioShock faithful. If terms like 'Rapture' 'Andrew Ryan' and 'Atlas' mean nothing to you, look elsewhere".

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