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CoD: Ghosts reviews split over Xbox One Vs PS4 comparisons

Reviewers report better frame rates on Xbox One

Early verdicts on the Xbox One version of Call of Duty: Ghosts and it appears reviewers are divided on which version best deserves your purchase.

Much focus has been placed on the next-gen versions of the game after it was confirmed that the PS4 version would push out a native 1080p resolution while Xbox One only manages 720p native, which is then upscaled to 1080p in post processing.


IGN says the difference in resolution "makes character models, weapons, and environments look noticeably sharper and more detailed" on PS4, a benefit that's "especially apparent on larger-sized TVs, where pixel density weighs more heavily in picture quality".

But the site goes on to say that "the difference is harder to identify in absence of a side-by-side comparison".

IGN noted "occasional framerate issues during the single-player campaign on PS3 and PS4", while observing that "the Xbox One version was stable throughout".

Polygon says that while the resolution difference is near unnoticeable, its the frame-rate that has a bigger impact on play, crediting the Xbox One version as superior.

"Call of Duty: Ghosts suffers from consistent framerate drops on the PS4, especially during multiplayer when action got especially hectic," the site reports.

"The Xbox One version suffered no such drops, maintaining a steady 60 frames per second throughout. For a multiplayer shooter, framerate consistency is paramount. Given its relative visual parity with the PS4 release, Call of Duty: Ghosts is a more playable, slightly superior (albeit disappointing) game on Xbox One," declared Polygon.

On the other hand, VideoGamer reports having "no problems with the PS4 build" with regards to frame rate, and criticises visual fidelity on Xbox One.

"In the single-player game, at least, texture quality can range from average to very poor, and geometry itself can look clipped and badly aliased, giving the game a jaggy, muddy look that does nothing to tell you that your £429 investment was a good one," reads VG's review.

"Multiplayer also looks demonstrably worse than in the PS4 version," it adds. "Whether through rushed/overstretched development or hardware problems (or a combination of both), Ghosts has ended up looking (far, in some cases) worse on Microsoft's machine than on its direct rival."

Game Informer dismissed the entire discussion. "I played Call of Duty: Ghosts extensively on both next-gen systems on several televisions of different sizes, and saw no differences between the two versions," it said. "The experience was virtually identical on both consoles throughout the duration of my play time. If you own both consoles and are deciding which version of Ghosts to get, I'd recommend simply going with whatever console your friends will be playing on."

In CVG's Call of Duty: Ghosts review for PS4, we called Infinity Ward's latest "another unsurprisingly familiar yet consistently enjoyable CoD blockbuster".

CVG will publish its verdict on the Xbox One version of Call of Duty: Ghosts soon. In the meantime, here's a video comparison between the Xbox One and PS4 versions:

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