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Update unites Wii U currency and Miiverse with 3DS

Nintendo Network ID will soon be accessed via both handheld and home console

A forthcoming firmware update for the Nintendo 3DS will allow customers to tie their accounts with the Wii U, meaning that digital currency can be deposited and spent through either device.


Due in December, the software update will allow 3DS users to sign into their Nintendo Network ID via the handheld. Along with this, if users already have an active Nintendo Network ID on their Wii U, these will combine together.

Digital cash will no longer be segregated by platforms, but combined as a single pot to take from and add to. Nintendo warns that, if users register the wrong Nintendo Network ID on their 3DS, they will be unable to combine balances with the Wii U, so it urges caution.

Since the release of the Wii U in November last year, dedicated fans had urged Nintendo to fuse the console's online network with the 3DS, much like the same way Sony does between PS3 and Vita.

The update will also bring another long-wanted feature to 3DS - Miiverse. Users will be able to post comments and sketches via their 3DS, with the messages appearing on both handheld and home consoles.