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Xbox One digital games have a Gamerscore of 1000G

Downloadable games will have the same Achievements value as retail titles

Download-only Xbox One games will offer 1000G of Achievement points.

While Xbox Live Arcade games on Xbox 360 can only offer a maximum of 500G, the removal of XBLA branding on Xbox One means cheaper downloadable games are now treated as equal to full-price retail games.


The first evidence of this came last week when PopCap Games tweeted that downloadable title Peggle 2 would have a Gamerscore of 1000G.

A recent listing on Xbox 360 Achievements for an Xbox One version of downloadable shooter Halo Spartan Assault revealed that it too had a 1000G Gamerscore, despite its upcoming XBLA equivalent on Xbox 360 only offering 400G.

On Xbox 360, XBLA games originally had a limitation of 200G, with 50G allowed for DLC updates. Microsoft raised this cap in June 2012, increasing it to a maximum of 400G with 100G for DLC updates.

Retail games, meanwhile, have always had a maximum Gamerscore of 1000G at launch, with an extra 250G allowed for each DLC update. It was previously believed this was because retail games were more expensive than XBLA titles, and therefore offered a similarly scaled Gamerscore. However, with a confirmed price of $11.99 for Peggle 2, it seems that this reasoning has been abandoned for Xbox One.

Microsoft's Phil Harrison announced in May 2013 that XBLA and Indie Games categories would not feature in the Xbox One marketplace.

"In the past we had retail games which came on disc, we had Xbox Live Arcade and we had Indie Games, and they had their own discrete channels or discrete silos," he explained. "With Xbox One and the new marketplace, they're games. We don't make a distinction between whether a game is a 50-hour RPG epic or whether it is a puzzle game or whether it is something that fits halfway between the two."