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Retro Vault: PlayStation 2 adverts, Soul Blade, Space Channel 5

Plus: Asterix and WipEout Pure

Retro Vault is our regular weekly feature in which we dive into gaming's past and share five classic nuggets of retro nostalgia. If you want to catch up on previous Retro Vaults, check out the CVG Retro Vault archive.

2002 to 2006 - PlayStation 2 and PSP magazine ads

Although everyone has their own side in the never-ending console war, there can be little argument that Sony tends to at least dominate when it comes to advertising campaigns.

Its print adverts in particular have remained consistently provocative over PlayStation's 19-year history, with offerings that have inspired, amused and offended (sometimes all at once).

The above slideshow is just a small example of this, showing a range of ads from all over the world that focused on the PlayStation 2 and the PSP.

Some are controversial, some are bizarre, some verge on obscene. But they're all clever and they all had a lasting impact on anyone who saw them.

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