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Ridiculous Fishing lined up for Android release

Netherland devs Vlambeer working on port for acclaimed iPhone and iPad game

An Android version of the cult iOS game Ridiculous Fishing is at the final stages of development, according to the game's creator Vlambeer.

The Netherlands based studio, writing on its personal blog, said the game's release "might be sooner than you think".


"Because of popular request, we've been working with [co-developers] Zach Gage & Greg Wohlwend since March to see if we can create an Android version of Ridiculous Fishing," the studio wrote.

"The breakthrough came when we met up with the folks at [Android middleware firm] Apportable, who have a framework that allows them to port the game over to Android. That port is now almost done, and the next time you see us mentioning this should be when it releases."

Ridiculous Fishing was given an Apple Design Award in June, following a string of positive reviews for the sea-life shooter.

In CVG's Ridiculous Fishing review, the critic said the game was "not an essential purchase, nor is it Vlambeer's best work. Ridiculous Fishing has pushed a dodgem game idea as far as it can go and the result can sometimes feel like there's more style than substance".

Vlambeer is working on various projects, from an iOS update to its cult platformer Super Crate Box, to unreleased works such as Luftrausers and Nuclear Throne.