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Battlefield Recon: Patch Update, China Rising preview, Battlefield Basketball and More!

In this week's Battlefield Recon, hosts Dan Dawkins and Andy Hartup take an in-depth look at the recent Battlefield 4 patches, pick some of their favourite Battlefield 4 web clips and talk about what changes will come with the first DLC pack, China Rising.

The episode begins as always with Clips of the Week, highlighting some of the amazing videos fans have contributed showing outstanding Battlefield play. We begin with Chris Aggas' NBA Jam and the shocking revelation that the best shot in Battlefield will still only earn you three points.

Close Close

Buy one get one free? Jackfrags' The Double SRAW proves that the concept of 2-4-1 offer is very much alive in Battlefield with this handy guide to taking down helicopters, tanks and pretty much anything else vehicular that gets in your way. A top quality pro tip there.

Rosskhof's IED trolling is highly amusing and one you may wish to try on Golmud Railway, but all the plaudits this week go to Bopper2010, who appears to be waging a one-man sniper vendetta against helicopter pilots. Check out his full Kill.Exe montage for the best way to bring down choppers if you're a single scope man.

The real meat of this week's dish though is discussion of the recently released Battlefield 4 PC patch and the forthcoming console editions. Lag and stability fixes are at the heart of these updates, so you should already be experiencing a more solid game, but do let the team know how it's been working out for you.

Discussion is also ongoing about other issues: what will the squashing of the Network Sync bug mean? How will the adjustment of the network smoothing slider affect your game? What tweaks have been made to AA Radar? Find out inside as well as discovering what balancing issues have changed during this most recent round of fixes. Rest assured, DICE has been listening and reacting to your feedback.

Finally the boys move on to discuss details from the first Battlefield DLC pack, China Rising. Players are in line to receive four new maps, five brand new weapons, two gadgets and up to ten missions but what secrets lie within the boundaries of the Silk Road, Altai Range, Guilin Peaks and Dragon Pass? Well no-one knows for sure, but Andy has plenty of intriguing speculation on what they contain, plus there's the return of one of Battlefield 3's most popular vehicles, the Dirt Bike and two new drone craft to play with.

Finally, DICE have revealed a review matrix which suggests Battlefield 4 is the most critically acclaimed first-person shooter out there, full stop. It's not too much of a surprise to find Andy's review on their wall of fame, but what's this? Six out of a hundred? Say it's not so (it's not).

That brings down the curtain on this week's show, but a new episode of Battlefield Recon will release every Tuesday at 4.30pm following Battlefield 4's launch on current gen and going forward to its release on next gen. If you enjoy the show, don't forget to subscribe to catch more episodes. You'll also be able to get all the very latest and take part by following @battlerecon on Twitter.

With Battlefield 4 now in players' hands on PC and current gen, be sure to drop the boys a line and let them know how you've been getting on in the game. Don't forget you can also submit your own favourite Battlefield clips to appear in future Battlefield Recon episodes. Keep it tuned to CVG's Battlefield 4 pages for all the very latest.