PS4 sizzle trailer teases line-up

An inside look at the games and hardware of Sony's new system

Future PlayStation 4 titles like Destiny, Driveclub, and Kingdom Hearts 3 star in a trailer published by Sony today.

The video, which first debuted at the PS4 All-Access launch event on Nov. 14, includes dozens more games as well as an inside look at the system's high-tech guts.

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Sony says PS4 enjoyed a record breaking launch in the U.S. and Canada, where it sold as many as 1 million units throughout Nov. 15. The company has also provided some troubleshooting guidance for users experiencing a "Blue Light of Death" when attempting to boot the system.

PS4 will launch in Europe, Australia, and Brazil on Nov. 29. CVG's day-one PS4 review observed that Sony's new system is a "futuristic machine" with a lot of growing yet to do.