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Super Mario 3D World review round-up: jumping for joy

All the scores in one place

In our Super Mario 3D World review we said it "blends the best of Galaxy and 3D Land in a Greatest Hits package that's comfortably among the top games of 2013".

"If Super Mario 3D World lacks the grand scale and ambition of the Galaxy games, it's a comfortable match in colour, pacing and variety - and in its moment-to-moment play, it comes shockingly close to beating them," said our reviewer Chris Schilling.

"Where it's undoubtedly superior is in its application of multiplayer: Galaxy's Costar mode was a charming addition, but it's comfortably trumped by the laughs and thrills you'll share with up to three others."

We awarded the game a rare 10, but have collected up more reviews from around the internet for you to take a look out. Below is a list including scores from various publications as well as a short excerpt from the review itself.

  • GamesRadar: 4.5/5 - 3D World sees the plumber at the top of his game, and it's finally as fun to play with friends as it is solo. It doesn't redefine the franchise like previous entries have, but when the total package is as fun as 3D World, that's hardly a complaint.
  • Official Nintendo Magazine: 93 - Not so much a baby step into HD 3D platforming as a triple backflip onto a Goomba's dome. A constant source of joy, surprise and ideas, ideas, ideas.
  • The Escapist: 4/5 - Super Mario 3D World is a very good Mario game that suffers only in that the unrealised potential for it to have been a great game period keeps peeking in between the cracks. Fun to play for veterans and newcomers alike, either as a single-player challenge or a frenetic multiplayer party, and a definite must for current and prospective Wii U owners.
  • Eurogamer: 10/10 - Compact by the standards of the Galaxy adventures but still loaded with bountiful secrets, beneath the warm familiarity of 3D World lies one of the strangest Mario games in years - or at least one of the most random in its influences and its moment-to-moment indulgences. And that's a very, very good thing. The Wii U sees Nintendo's mascot racing into venerable middle age by going wonderfully loopy - by dialling up the energy, even if the end result is often absolutely insane. After all these years, who could blame him?
  • Polygon: 9/10 - Super Mario 3D World doesn't reinvent the Mario formula. But it is in every way its own game, with a bright, joyful aesthetic that's supported by inspired level design and a cast that matters. It gets the balance right between nostalgic touches and clever new twists, and never once let me down with a boring boss or too-familiar retread. In all my years of playing with the Mario gang, I've never been quite so happy to hurl myself into the unknown, and 3D World delivers challenge, surprise and joy in almost every moment.
  • GameSpot: 9/10 - Sure, co-op play is hardly a game changer, but when so much of 3D World is so successfully built upon a bevy of brilliant ideas, this can be forgiven. Everything that you can see and do within its enchanting levels is so bright, colourful, and full of wonder that it's impossible not to be taken in by its charms. Mario has always had that uncanny ability to cross the boundaries of age and gender, to bring a smile to the face of every player who crosses his path. Super Mario 3D World is no different. This is a dazzlingly inventive game that brings the fun in spades, and will leave you grinning like a loon from start to finish.
  • Kotaku: Yes - SM3DW is a fantastic game., from beginning to "end". I had a smile on my face almost the entire time. It's packed with charm from front to back, contains some memorable levels and provides seamless multiplayer fun. If you own a Wii U, congratulations, your wait for a truly special game for the system is over.
  • IGN: 9.6 - Super Mario Galaxy 2 successfully iterated on one of the most inventive platformers of the last console generation. Super Mario 3D World takes slightly smaller steps in the grand scheme of the platformer genre, but it fulfills the promise of a multiplayer Mario much better than anything that the Japanese game maker has done before. Super Mario 3D World is marvelous, and its constant variety and fantastic light-hearted co-op play proves that Nintendo still knows exactly how to tweak their Mario formula in fun ways.
  • GameInformer: 9.25 - Despite this annoyance, I loved Bowser's egocentric concept for the final world in the main campaign, and the last boss battle is plenty entertaining. Any Mario game runs the risk of the final encounter being too traditional or featuring a frustrating gimmick, but this one brought a smile to everyone's faces on my co-op team from beginning to end. While it's not the most difficult challenge, it is suitably epic and entertaining - an exceptional finisher to an excellent entry in the series.
  • Joystiq: 5/5 - Put simply, Super Mario 3D World is stunning. Its world is beautiful, its design is impeccable, and its fun is infectious. I'm running out of superlatives here, so let me finish where I started: Go play it.
  • VideoGamer: 9/10 - With a secret world so good it'll make long-term fans (and me) squeal with glee, and how easily it oozes personality and skill, Super Mario 3D World is the best entry the series has offered up in years. It may not hit the highest of highs that the plumber has done in the past, but it's awfully close.
  • Destructoid: 10/10 - There was a moment where I was taking in the beautiful soundtrack, hovering over a tricky jump as cat Peach, and watching the glistening water below where the game really came together. It was then that I realized that Super Mario 3D World had achieved a level of platforming design that's close to perfection, and there was almost never a moment where I didn't have a smile on my face. This is the unequivocally the best Mario game since Galaxy 2, and it shows up anything the "New" series has ever done, and then some.
  • Digital Spy: 5/5 - Like 3D Land on the 3DS before it, Super Mario 3D World is a must have for existing owners and enough for anyone on the fence to make the plunge.
  • Edge: 9 - This is Mario like you've never seen him before, and unlike so many of his next-gen rivals, he nips along at an effortless 60fps. If the true measure of new hardware's worth is how stark the difference is between it and what came before, then this is the most next-gen game that 2013 has yet produced.
  • ShackNews: 9/10 - Super Mario 3D World is a tightly-designed platformer, raucously fun in multiplayer, and a master's class in level design. Don't pass it off as just another Mario game. This one is not to be missed.
  • Nintendo Life: 10/10 - This is a definitive 3D Mario experience, successfully finding a middle-ground between the iconic Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy. You may not swing Bowser by his tail or run upside down, but it's bursting with creativity nonetheless, while delivering on the craft and skill that defines the Tokyo EAD studio. It's unmissable.
  • The Average Gamer: Great - Just firing up Super Mario 3D World makes me happy (at least until I reach a level that needs the twitch reaction time of a 9 year old). Everything in the worlds is enchanting - you can't help smiling at the enemies, even as they stand teetering on the brink of a lava pit. I also love that it leaves you alone to work out solutions. This is a wonderful game that should be on everyone's Christmas list.