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Broken PS4s exchanged immediately via Sony support line

Expedited shipping for customers with non-functional systems

All faulty PS4 exchanges conducted through Sony's official support line are made immediately with expedited shipping, Sony confirmed on Tuesday.

Though the company has said less than 1 percent of all systems are suffering from "Blue Light of Death" or other issues which render them unusable, Sony told Game Informer that it is working quickly to rectify any issues customers may encounter.


It's good news for owners who may have difficulty exchanging the systems at retail, where record-breaking PS4 sales have left many stores' shelves bare. Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House believes PS4 will be back in good supply throughout the holiday season.

The next-gen system launched in the US and Canada on Nov. 15 for $399.99. Sony's North American arm said on Monday that one million PS4 consoles were sold to consumers within 24 hours of release, and that it recorded "by far the largest launch in gaming history in Canada".

PS4 will hit Europe, Australia, and Brazil on Nov. 29.