Android-only Humble Mobile Bundle includes Ridiculous Fishing

Zany iOS fishing game available on Android for the first time

The third Humble Mobile Bundle has gone live, including the Android version of Ridiculous Fishing.

The game's developer Vlambeer posted a message on its blog on Monday stating that the Android version was nearing completion and would be ready "sooner than you think".


The game can be purchased with the Humble Mobile Bundle 3 or separately from the Google Play Store.

As with its predecessors, Humble Mobile Bundle 3 lets customers choose the price they pay for a selection of Android games.

The bundle consists of robot shooter Epoch, space station strategy game Rymdkapsel, puzzle game SpellTower and hack and slash platformer Swordigo. Customers who pay more than the average (currently $5) will also receive Ridiculous Fishing and tower defence game Kindgom Rush, as well as a new batch of games next week.

In its latest blog entry, Vlambeer explained that the game's surprise Android release was designed to make up for previously scuppered iOS plans. The iOS version was also supposed be a surprise, but it had to be announced early when a clone entitled Ninja Fishing was released.

"We wanted Ridiculous Fishing's original launch to be surprise announcement, but way back then, a clone threw a wrench in those plans and we ended up scrambling," Vlambeer said.

"This time around though, we can pull it off. So here you go, Ridiculous Fishing for Android, launched sort of the way Ridiculous Fishing for iOS was supposed to launch."

In CVG's Ridiculous Fishing review, we said: "You'll fall in love with Ridiculous Fishing's style but the honeymoon period ends faster than you'd think."