Tearaway playable demo releasing this Friday

Try out Media Molecule's Vita game before making a purchase decision

Sony is to release a free demo of critically acclaimed Vita platformer Tearaway.

Media Molecule community manager James Spafford announced on the PlayStation Blog that the demo will launch this Friday, November 22, which is also the Tearaway release date.


"If you still haven't made up your mind about the game after watching it, you'll be able to download a free trial of Tearaway on Friday, and unlock the full game if you like what you see," Spafford said.

"It's really great once you see the world up close, and experience what it feels like to hold a little papery world in your hands. Try it, you might like it!"

Tearaway will be available to buy on the EU PlayStation Network tomorrow for £19.99 / €24.99.

On Wednesday, Sony released the Tearaway launch trailer, showing the game's unique paper-based art style in action.

In CVG's Tearaway review, we said it "isn't just Vita's best new game, it's one of the most original things you'll play all year". Other critics have also weighed in with their verdicts ahead of the game's release and we've rounded up all the scores in our Tearaway review round-up.