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Microsoft transforms Leicester Square as UK prepares for Xbox One

Microsoft is setting up a stage show in the middle of London's Leicester Square as it prepares for the midnight launch of its Xbox One.

The next generation console officially launches across thirteen countries at Midnight on Thursday, and Microsoft is preparing to mark the occasion in key cities across North America and Europe. In London, a two-hour public showcase will take place in Leicester Square, with a huge Xbox logo overlooking the high street.

"We are hard at work putting the finishing touches to Xbox One Square - are you coming down?", read a post on the Xbox UK Facebook page.

"Be sure to wrap up warm and get to Leicester Square for 6pm - the show starts promptly at 7.00pm and ends at 9.00pm." Microsoft says the event will be free to attend.

In CVG's Xbox One review, we wrote: "Just like the PlayStation 4, Microsoft has crafted a games platform that builds upon long-standing conventions instead of reinventing them. For many, this homogeneity is exactly what they asked for, but whether old solutions can hold out for another decade is another matter entirely."