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Crimson Dragon devs respond to reviews by adjusting difficulty via the cloud

Game's director says he can use the cloud to balance gameplay quickly

Xbox One launch title Crimson Dragon will have its difficulty tweaked and updated before the system is released tomorrow.


In a statement published on the official Xbox Wire site, game director Yukio Futatsugi announced his studio will use the cloud to balance the game based on feedback from reviews.

"I've heard the feedback on Crimson Dragon and plan to adjust the balance of the game before we launch on Xbox One this week," the statement reads.

"Crimson Dragon is designed to be challenging. This has always been my vision for the game. I want you to feel like you've accomplished something each time you master a mission. To be proud of each dragon you've worked so hard to evolve to its ultimate form.

"My challenge as the game director is to find the sweet spot of adhering to my vision for the game while keeping the game from becoming too frustrating. Using the power of Xbox One's cloud system, we can adjust this balance even after release. Based on the feedback so far, we've decided to make some changes even before the game is released."

The changes made are as follows:

  • The number of experience points the player's dragon gets from each battle has increased, including the number of experience points received when failing a mission.
  • The cost of items has been reduced and the availability of jewels (in-game credits) has been expanded since, according to Futatsugi, "finding your favourite combination of items is an important part of Crimson Dragon, so we've reduced the cost of items and expanded the availability of jewels (in-game credits) throughout the game".
  • The 'Casual' and 'Classic' game styles have been adjusted to better match their intended level of difficulty.

Crimson Dragon will be available for download when the Xbox One launches on November 22. The recent listing of UK Xbox One digital prices shows it will cost £15.99 in the UK and will take up 6.88GB of storage space.