Crackdown 2 studio building next-gen game for 2014

Ruffian job listing refers to unannounced title

Ruffian Games, the triple-A games studio responsible for Crackdown 2, is currently hiring for a next-gen project due for release next year.

According to a job listing, posted Thursday on the Scottish Games Network, the studio is looking for three C++ programmers to help develop a next-gen game that it is "working on for ship next year".


The company, led by developers formerly working at the now-defunct studio Realtime Worlds, is also believed to be working on a second game built via Unity - a game engine that has proven popular among indie studios for smaller, self-published titles.

During Microsoft's Xbox One reveal event in May, the corporation sent gamers into a frenzy of speculation due to the appearance of a Crackdown agility orb on the Xbox One dashboard. Microsoft Studios executive Phil Spencer later confirmed the move was deliberate.

Spencer later tweeted that Crackdown was important to him and "given the right team and time" he'd like to see it return.

In CVG's Crackdown 2 review we said: "Crackdown 2 is an extremely welcome update to a game that perhaps even now hasn't been given the respect it truly deserves. If you missed the series up until now you should certainly pick this up and get messing about with skyscrapers and rocket turrets to your heart's content."