Off The Record Podcast: Next-gen launch special

The CVG team answers your Xbox One and PS4 questions

The PlayStation 4 is already available in North America and, on Friday, Microsoft's Xbox One will launch worldwide.


CVG has delivered its verdicts on both systems (read our Xbox One review and PlayStation 4 review if you missed them) but we thought it was about time we sat down to chat about the new consoles in detail.

In the inaugural CVG Off The Record podcast Tamoor Hussain (that's me!) and Chris Scullion grill Andy Robinson on his impressions, seeing as he's had a good week with both systems. Also joining team CVG is Official Nintendo Magazine's Joe Skrebels, so Nintendo's Wii U and 3DS get some time in the spotlight too.

During the hour-long podcast we discuss everything from the nitty-gritty on the hardware itself, to multimedia functionality and games. We put your questions to our reviewer and, ultimately, try and figure out which, if either, of the consoles you should be buying this month.

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