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Mario Kart Arcade GP DX confirmed for western release

The third arcade Mario Kart game is coming to the US

Namco will be bringing Mario Kart Arcade GP DX to the west.

The news comes from the IAAPA Attractions Expo, which is currently underway in Orlando, Florida. The expo showcases upcoming amusement attractions, including arcade games.


According to Arcade Heroes, Namco Bandai is showing off Mario Kart Arcade GP DX at the event, complete with an English language cabinet, indicating that the game is ready to launch in North America in time for winter 2013.

As well as the Grand Prix and four-player race modes offered in the previous arcade releases, Mario Kart Arcade GP DX features a new "Alter-Ego" mode, which uses ghost racers retrieved online.

Gliding and underwater driving, as featured in Mario Kart 7 on 3DS, also feature.

Don-chan, the main character from Namco's popular drum-based rhythm action game Taiko no Tatsujin, is a playable character in the title. There will also be a new track based on the Taiko no Tatsujin world.

This is nothing new for a Mario Kart Arcade GP game - previous entries in the series have also featured Namco Bandai characters, including Pac Man and Mametchi from Tamagotchi.

A European release has yet to be confirmed.

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