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Super Mario 3D World included in new UK Wii U hardware bundle

£300 pack also features New Super Mario Bros. U and Luigi U

Nintendo UK is to release a new Mario-themed Wii U bundle on November 29.

Available to pre-order now for £299.99, the Mario Mega Bundle includes a Wii U Premium console, Super Mario 3D World, New Super Mario Bros. U, New Super Luigi U, a red Wii Remote Plus and a Mario hat.


The Super Mario 3D World release date is also next Friday, November 29 in Europe and Australia.

In our Super Mario 3D World review, we said the game "blends the best of Galaxy and 3D Land in a Greatest Hits package that's comfortably among the top games of 2013".

Other critics were equally taken with the game - see what they had to say in our Super Mario 3D World review round-up.