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Xbox One owners promised exclusive MGSV content

Microsoft exclusive content teased following details of PS4 bonus content

The Xbox One edition of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes will come with exclusive in-game content, following Konami's announcement that the PS4 edition will be bundled with its own bonus items.

During a Spike TV broadcast of the Xbox One launch event at Times Square on Thursday, host Geoff Keighley told viewers that "exclusive content" would be packaged with the Xbox One edition of Ground Zeroes, but did not specify further.

The PS4 edition of Grounds Zeroes features a PS One skin of Solid Snake

The PlayStation 4 edition of Ground Zeroes will come with what creator Hideo Kojima calls a "déjà vu Mission", which includes a character model for classic Solid Snake from the first Metal Gear Solid. It is unclear if this alternative skin for Snake is all the Déjà vu Mission entails, or if this is the full extent of the PlayStation exclusive content teased previously.

MGSV: Ground Zeroes is a standalone game released ahead of the full version of the game, called Metal Gear Solid V: the Phantom Pain.

Ground Zeroes will release some time between March and June, with The Phantom Pain expected to arrive later in the year.

Konami has a complex price arrangement for different versions of the game. A table to show the various prices is published below.

US Retail US Download UK Retail UK Download
  PS3 / 360
  Xbox One / PS4