Lego The Hobbit game reportedly releasing in 2014

Warner Bros. looks set to release Lego The Hobbit in 2014, presumably to tie in with the final chapter of Peter Jackson's film trilogy.

An advertisement for the unannounced game reportedly appears on the instruction manuals of upcoming Lego Hobbit sets acquired early from Toys R Us stores in North America.

According to the advertisement, which was reposted on Lego community site Brickset, the new entry in the multi-million selling Lego game series will be released on home consoles, handhelds and PC.


The most recent series entry was this month's Lego Marvel Super Heroes. We said in our Lego Marvel Super Heroes review: "Simple, lighthearted and approachable fun has been the mantra of the Lego games series since the critically-acclaimed Star Wars trilogy, and Marvel Super Heroes is no different.

"The lack of challenge makes it perfect for younger players, while the Marvel characters will only broaden its appeal. It's destined for success.

"But for everyone else, it's a shame that a game based on one of the world's most creative toys and set in one of the wackiest collections of fictional characters ends up being so predictable."